Regarding Breast Massage

Breast Wellness – Massage Deserves Attention
An article from one of the top teachers of breast massage in North America, Ms Debra Curties, R.M.T., on the importance of breast wellness and massage.Please do click here.

The Evolving Practice of Breast Massage
A wonderful article by Kate Jordan, LMT NCTMB, on “The Evolving Practice of Breast Massage”Please do click here.

Breast Massage for Better Health
“A discussion about using breast massage to improve lymph fluid and blood flow in the breasts, which may reduce the chances of breast cancer. Breast massage might be more than a relaxing, pleasurable experience, it may also be very good for your health. We begin with a discussion of an important study about bras and breast cancer which suggests that lymph fluid flow may be very important for healthy breasts, then provide details about breast massage in a question-and-answer format. “Please click here.

Self Breast Massage
An informative article on the importance of self breast massage, with illustrations. Easy to do! Please click here.

Here is some more info on massage therapy and breast cancer.
Massage Magazine Research: Massage Benefits Women with Breast Cancer
Massage Magazine Research: Massage Versus Relaxation for Breast Cancer
AMTA Journal: Mastectomy Massage, a Guide.
Massage and Bodywork Magazine: The Courage of Touch, [a] Massage & Cancer Story.

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