Dysmenorrhea and TCM

According to TCM theory, dysmenorrhea is usually caused by:

emotional factors, the invasion of the six exogenous pathogenic factors, and the stagnation of blood and qi;

or by retention of blood in the uterus due to liver depression and qi stagnation resulting from emotional upsets;

or by cold-dampness attacking the lower engergiser and lodging itself in utuerus (caused by walking in water or sitting on damp ground during menstration);

or by the constituional deficiency of qi and blood, or consumption of qi and blood due to serious illness;

or by congential defect or impairment of the liver and kidney, consumption of blood and malnutrition of the uterus due to multipary and excessive sexual activity.

The basic therapeutic priciple for treating dysmenorrhea is to regulate of qi, activate the blood, dissipate the cold, and clear the heat.

To get the blood and qi flowing, soothe the LV meridians, as this will regulate the qi and resolve stasis to stop the pain/ – Dong Quai (Radix Angelicas Sinensis [the mother of female herbs]) is helpful. As is ginger tea.

To disperse cold and to drain dampness, a full body massage concentrating on the warming meridians will help to eliminate stagnation. Cinnamon tea is good, as is Dong Quai.

To invigorate the blood, focus on strenghtening the SP meridians, as this will nourish the qi. Dong Quai is good, as is a mix of mint and chamomile tea.

To nourish the blood, focus on LV and KI, as this will replenish and enrich your essence (jing baby!). Dong Quai is good, as is ginger tea, and anything ‘good for the jing’.

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