Menstrual Cycle Energetics

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory considers the menstrual cycle or ‘Moon Flow’ to be a natural reflection of the natural order of change. Everything is in continual movement, changing from Excess to Feficiency, Yang to Yin. TCM refers to the womb as a ‘Blood Chamber’, where menstrual blood is produced to enhance the womb environment ready for conception, should you choose to have a child. The production and elimination of the menstrual blood also helps to maintain the blood quality control for your entire body. As the blood builds up, it reaches an Excess and, if conception has not occured, the blood will be discharged as your ‘Heavenly Water’, when the Blood Chamber goes into Deficiency. That is why your energy level does fluctuate at this time.

Then the whole process starts again.

Visualise a circle, as your cycle certainly is. Starting with Day 1 and going to Day 28: Menstration -> Empty (Deficiency) -> Post-menstration -> Mid-cycle -> Full (Excess) -> Pre-menstration, then going back to Menstration again at Day 1.

When all is in order, there is no pain, so pain and other disconforts indicate an imbalance. Pls remember, any disconfort relating to your reproductive system, is a relflection of your whole being, so try not to think of your reproductive organs as a seperate entity which you dislike during menstration. Try to see your reproductive system as a part of the whole and think about the wonders of your body and what potential you can achieve!

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