Another Safarnameh

This one I started this morning, already 1/3 of the way through it.  This one is interesting from the last one I read, bc this author is a Canadian citizen.  So its a diff perspective then a writer from the US or Iran. Bc canada doesnt have the restricive measures enforced bothways btw Canada and Iran, as the USA does.

So far so good!

UPDATE 100805: Finished it, enjoyed it.

Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey
By Alison Wearing

Double Standards as a Method of Control

A quote from’s interview with Marcos Siega about his movie, Pretty Persuasion, “a dark satire-cum-morality play about a sex scandal at an elite Beverly Hills private school”

N: How has teen sexual awareness changed?
MS: Guys sort of want slutty girls, the ones who wear nothing and dance around and look really sexy. But once they get them, then they want the tame, non-sexual girls. That’s probably been around forever, but today you get so many mixed signals. You read People, or In Style, or those other magazines — they’re all selling midriffs, cleavage, and breast implants. But if a girl does that, she’s labeled slutty. <1>

Indeed she does often retain this lable given to her by both her male and female peers.  The double standard as we know it, is: a man who is is having sex is (what the kids call) “a player” while the female who embraces her sexuality is termed a slut, a whore, etc.  Why the double standard?  Control. 

Most Men feel the need to dominate to conquer, while females (according to men’s machissimo manifesto) are to be the conquered.  Which is why in some traditional societies such as Latino, Mid/near eastern, Indian, etc, the men of a woman’s family are seen as the guardians of her chastity.  Brothers and fathers act under the guise of protecting her virtue, while in all actuality they are controlling her body, and hindering her social and sexual devolpment. 

In the west they may just control her mentally and physically by not letting her go anywhere or controlling her wardrobe; there are also more serious things that happen such as the barbaric genital mutilation (which is often carried about by older women), and “honour” killings.  All of which are uncalled for and speak of the unequal and subserviant (some say sub-human) level by which they view “their” women.

But back to the article, it speaks about what men want and what happens after.  These men are attracted by the sexuality of the girl, “the ones who wear nothing and dance around and look really sexy” but once they conquer that fericious beast they seek to tame her, to de-sexualize, to keep her sexuality, her body, her mind, her emotions and have them exclusivly at his command.  Why want then change?  Control.  Men really are idiots, animals, with no self-control.

Why must men feel the need to control women? Are we not equal? Who gave men the right? Why do we let (ergo encourage) this behaviour?  We are all responsible for allowing this.  We need to all be responsible to stop it. 

Really guys, be a (real) man and love yourself enough to love others. And ladies, do not  let anyone control you, the way you live / speak/think/feel/dress/act etc.  Be your own woman and dont be afraid to be yourself.  Who you want to be, not what someone else wants you to be.

It is your individuality that makes you special.


Basic Skincare FYIs

Sun damage is the biggest cause of skin aging, not to mention a host of other diseases, like skin cancer.  Here are a few things to do to keep safe.  Staying away from the sun during peak burning hours 11am-4pm makes a significant difference in how much you damage your skin.

Sunblock is as vital to your skin as toothpaste is to your teeth!  Sunblock needs to be worn all the time, not just when you are on the beach.  The sun is out when you are driving/walking to work/school, running errands, even indoors (uva rays can pentrate glass) – so w/o adequate sun protection you are at risk of getting some damage.  Even in the winter, make an effort to protect yourself.

Before you leave the house each morning, apply at least a teaspoon sized portion to your bare face and give it time to absorb, a spf of 30 is a good selection.  Did you know that your clothing offers some basic SPF protecion?  White offers about 5-7spf, while black can offer up to 20.

While wearing a makeup base w. a nice spf, it is still good to use a seperate sunscreen, as the protection in makeup doesnt last very long.

Stop smoking! Smoking causes a decreased flow of oxygen and nutrients to your facial tissue, among other dermatological problems, and turns the skin sallow, pale, and a certain shade of gray.  Plus smokers tend to get more blackheads, bc the pores tend to be dilated, owing to a decrease in collagen in the skin.  At the very least, remember that smokers lips tend to be continuously prused, causing lines on the upper and lower lip lines.

Nutrition. Vitamins and natural antioxidants found in food, such as tomatoes and green tea (not the starbucks green tea frap!), to name just a few, help the skin to stay healthy and functioning properly.  Antioxidant-rich food such as carrots, citrus fruits, and broccoli are great choices. WATER! At least 64oz/day, is a very crucial aspect of keeping your skin hydrated and glowing.   Try to keep your body in good shape, as your overall health often manifests itself in your face.

Sleep! The body and skin recharges itself at night, and secretes much needed hormones to retore the skin cells and build them nicely.  I am sure you see those zombies w/ dark circles under their eyes and their dull skin – combat them w. your zzzzs!  By getting enough sleep at night you will be able to see your beautiful reflection in the mirror.

Stress! Stress produces cortisol, a hormone that if overproduced can produce excessive damage to our bodies, including weight gain, and is considerd a leading cause in premature aging.  Plus, constant scowing can lead to premature wrinkling.

Pollution.  Prolonged exposure can reduce your Vit E levels by 25%, can clog pores, and increase acne.

Care for your skin and you will be rewarded with lovely skin!

Religious Hatred

I just don’t understand.  How can you hate another person, or a group of people just based on their faith alone?

Most organised religions have one thing in common; whether they be Christian, Parsi, Shinto, whatever; and that is the tennet of love/repect one another.

I know religious hatred happens all over the world, but it certainly prevelolent in American society. Sikh men in parks, get shot because of their turbans; muslim girls get shunned for wearing hijab to school, etc. Just today, I was waiting for the library to open, and a white man was pacing next to me, certainly getting on my nerves; then an older jewish gentleman (wearing a kipah) came into this guy’s view.  He was looking past me twards the older man, so I could see the whole change in his face as it went from blank to a sneer of disgust. Why? The older man didnt appear to do anything that would make someone snear in disgust.  He wasnt a smelly homeless person or anything, nor disturbing the peace at all.  Just waiting for the libary to open.  The white man, who I am assuming is Christian or nothing at all, followed this older man with his eyes, and I was starting to worry that there was going to be an incedent.  The younger man said something, but I could not hear him bc I was listening to Aal Eah by Maghribi singer Samira Saeid, but I can only assume it was a slur of sorts.

Christians (more then their current scapegoat, Muslims) have created more wars and violence in the name of their religon.  The crusades, the inquisition, N. Ireland, etc etc.  Not being a christian, I am no expert on their theology, but I do know their Jesus’ mantra was the same “love one another” as mentioned above.  Christians have justified slaves, the Shoah, apparteid, and many other acts of hatred, with their Christiananity.  Doesnt make sense.  I am sure that Jesus is rolling over in his grave.

Since when did Christians make themselves the model of ethical choice?  Who appointed them to be morally superior? Crushing our traditional values and religous beliefs?  Is it because “The West” is majorly Christian?  Not for much longer…

Something funny that bothers me a bit, the historical Jesus (Yeshoua/’Isha) was a semetic/middle eastern jew, a Rabbi of sorts, in fact.  He was probably of a olive complexion with short black hair and a beard.  So why is Jesus always pictured as white with long brown hair often w/blondish highlights?  And how can Christians hate Jews, when their own “Rabbi” and his earlier followers were Jewish? 

 I think these Christians need to learn a bit more about Christianity, because they are not living their lives according to  Christian values at all.

Addendum:  The younger man in question, to me, appeared to be of the uneducated sort; and this is more often the kind of person who is filled w/ religious hatred or bigotry.  It is true there are academic and well educated bigots who shape social thought, but more of the day-to-day haters are of the lower to middle class part of our society and tend to be non-college educated.