Double Standards as a Method of Control

A quote from’s interview with Marcos Siega about his movie, Pretty Persuasion, “a dark satire-cum-morality play about a sex scandal at an elite Beverly Hills private school”

N: How has teen sexual awareness changed?
MS: Guys sort of want slutty girls, the ones who wear nothing and dance around and look really sexy. But once they get them, then they want the tame, non-sexual girls. That’s probably been around forever, but today you get so many mixed signals. You read People, or In Style, or those other magazines — they’re all selling midriffs, cleavage, and breast implants. But if a girl does that, she’s labeled slutty. <1>

Indeed she does often retain this lable given to her by both her male and female peers.  The double standard as we know it, is: a man who is is having sex is (what the kids call) “a player” while the female who embraces her sexuality is termed a slut, a whore, etc.  Why the double standard?  Control. 

Most Men feel the need to dominate to conquer, while females (according to men’s machissimo manifesto) are to be the conquered.  Which is why in some traditional societies such as Latino, Mid/near eastern, Indian, etc, the men of a woman’s family are seen as the guardians of her chastity.  Brothers and fathers act under the guise of protecting her virtue, while in all actuality they are controlling her body, and hindering her social and sexual devolpment. 

In the west they may just control her mentally and physically by not letting her go anywhere or controlling her wardrobe; there are also more serious things that happen such as the barbaric genital mutilation (which is often carried about by older women), and “honour” killings.  All of which are uncalled for and speak of the unequal and subserviant (some say sub-human) level by which they view “their” women.

But back to the article, it speaks about what men want and what happens after.  These men are attracted by the sexuality of the girl, “the ones who wear nothing and dance around and look really sexy” but once they conquer that fericious beast they seek to tame her, to de-sexualize, to keep her sexuality, her body, her mind, her emotions and have them exclusivly at his command.  Why want then change?  Control.  Men really are idiots, animals, with no self-control.

Why must men feel the need to control women? Are we not equal? Who gave men the right? Why do we let (ergo encourage) this behaviour?  We are all responsible for allowing this.  We need to all be responsible to stop it. 

Really guys, be a (real) man and love yourself enough to love others. And ladies, do not  let anyone control you, the way you live / speak/think/feel/dress/act etc.  Be your own woman and dont be afraid to be yourself.  Who you want to be, not what someone else wants you to be.

It is your individuality that makes you special.


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