by Catherine @ peaceachday

Pending my massage

I am naked in a bed

Warm oil in your hands

My version, inspired by catherine’s naked.


pending your massage

you are naked on a bed

warm oil in my hands

Who likes samosas?

I do, I do! मुझे भूक लगी है।

Samosas are little triange savory pasteries filled with spiced aloo, mattar, and pyazz.  Mostly fried, but increasingly baked here in USA.

You can pick up samosas at most indian markets.  My fav in Vegas used to make homemade ones.  I would be waiting at the market before they opened and I would see the propriotress come in with one of those big aluminumn pans filled to the brim.  Those were the best!  Then I guess she got tired of making all those samosas every day and started ordering them from Cali… 😦

My favs in Cali are from that Indian Sweets and Spices on Venice over by the ISKCON temple in culver city.  They also make a mean samosa chole.  Samosa chana/chole is a chaat food with a couple smashed samosas covered with chana/chole (chick peas masala), pyazz, and topped with the taragon and tamarind chutneys.

Right down the street from that place was one of the best, if not the best (South) Indian restaurants in LA, Annapurna Cuisine. It is all vegetarian, and quite sumptious. I do recommend the rasam and the lunch buffet (6.95 THE best price in LA).  Service is great, too. Always very busy, a mostly brown crowd. I do beleive they have other locations in the LA area as well; including LA’s only South Indian breakfast (think idlyis, think yum), avail in Artesia. Open early afternoon, until late night.

भोग कीजिए !

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मेरी हिंदी कुछ खास नहीं है । मुझे हिंदी का और अभ्यास करना होगा ।