Burnt Bread and Chutney

A nice memoir of a terrific young woman and her life as a Jewish Indian-American.  Not something you see or read about very often.  Most ppl prob dont even realize that there are Jews in India (the Bene Yisrael), but there most certainly is, though most have made aliyah, and the culture is in more trouble due to assimilation and intermarriage.

Ms Delman writes very well, conjering up such images that even I have yet to think about, as one doesnt normally think of kosher indian food. yum.  A delightful mixed childhood of bene israel and ashkanzi, roti and gelfilte.  Time telling of her youth as a temp kubutznik and universal trouble of trying to find onesself – as if it wasnt hard enough to deal with already, one has to tackle not being indian/jewish/american/israeli “enough”.

A pleasant read, I do recommend.

Currently reading :
Burnt Bread and Chutney : Growing Up Between Cultures-A Memoir of an Indian Jewish Girl
By Carmit Delman
Release date: By 27 August, 2002

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