Love Letters

At nights we often run in to each other, we greet each other warmly and chat as friends. We often share letters of love and hope.  Tonight I want to share a letter with you, a poem dedicated to you as you are first of all, as women.

What do you call her, prostitute or woman?

They call them prostitutes,

 – those that prostitute them.

They call them streetwalkers,

– those who throw them out of their homes.

They call them women of pleasure,

– those who take pleasure in trampling them.

They call them loose women,

– those who grope them.

They call them women of life,

– those who are dead and have no love life.

They call them sinners,

– the clean pharisees, hypocrites.

[God] calls them women,

– he loves them who take him in.

– who does not condemn them, who pardons them.

[God] calls them women

– he who comes to them with caring,

and invites them to change their life,

to reconstruct themselves,

love themselves with self-esteem

and live fully as a woman.

And you?  What do you call her,

Prostitute or woman?


Trans from the original spanish.

Fr Arnaldo Zenteno, SJ: Mexican Jesuit priest, serving mostly in Nicaragua, sex worker/human rights champion and member of the Latin-American Liberation Theology movement.

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