oil slick: Close shaves no longer require getting into a lather

Conventional wisdom holds that oil is not good for a face. Not so, I’ve discovered. Recently I took a job that required grown-up grooming and at sunup, eyeing my steel-wool chin, found I felt especially unindustrious. I wanted something easy, something that didn’t require what anyone would call a routine: a lazy man’s shave. Enter shave oils. These can be used with or without a cream (I, of course, went without) and perk up the hairs on your face while making your skin loose and elastic—creepy dermatological talk for practically unsliceable. I got the best shave ever, without those red bumps on my neck that I used to worry would bleed out onto my collar while I tied my tie. The price of these oils might seem foolhardy to some, and I am told that they wear blades out quickly, but I certainly won’t miss the meringue that bursts from most foaming cans. The ability to see the curves—or crags—of your face while trying not to fillet it is a stunning revelation, one that quickly seems eminently sage. 

(Reposted from Men’s Vogue)

I like Zirh’s Pre-shave oil which is “designed to soften facial hair and reduce friction while shaving. This helps prevent razor burn and provides the closest shave possible”.

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