Q&A: Massage Therapy: Licensing: LA

Ofelia asks: How do I obtain a license for massage therapy in LA?  I need to know how to obtain a license, how much money I need to come up with to get my license and how long it would take before I can receive it?

Massagewallah answers:

 Getting a LA city license is a whole lot of petty work but certainly worth it.

In Cali, cities are regulated seperately. When I was working in the LA area, I was licensed in LA (city), LA (county), West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Places like Santa Monica and the surrounding areas all have their own licenses, so be sure where you want to work and get the correct license.

First go the the city clerk’s office closest to you. I went to the

West Los Angeles Office
1828 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 575-8888

Fill out paper work, take fingerprints, bring two passport photos, pay the fee some 300$+/-, then they will give you a date to take the test down in San Pedro (near Long Beach), which is administered once or twice a month. They will also give you a form that you need to have signed by your employer (who has a spa license), and a form to take to a doctor to get a physical, stating you are free from infectious diseases.

That test will be both a practical (bring a friend) and a multiple choice written exam. Those tests are both really retarded. You will find out if you passed that day, so hang around and bring a book, as well as a snack.

Then they do a police investigation on you, and you wait, you wait, and wait some more. Then they will mail you your license, permit, and tax certificate.

You must maintain 6h CEU per year and pay the annual renewal few of 58$.

Good luck!

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