One of my favourite apéritifs is Campari and tonic, with a lime.  The Ft Bragg liquor store finally sells it.  Until now I havent been able to find it any shops nearby, though it is about 3.50$ more here then in LA. I miss LA. Yum.  For those who are uninitiated into the culto di Campari, Campari is an Italian bitter made of a secret mixture of herbs, spices, and fruit.  www.campari.com www.campariusa.com


 *photo from wikipedia, edited by me.

The liquor store here also sells one of my other favourite apéritifs, Pernod, a type of pastis.  Pastis, a reformulation of absinthe, is an anisette-flavoured liquor from France.  There are other brands besides Pernod, such a Ricard and 51.  Pastis is generally enjoyed as an apéritif, with a side of water and/or ice.  There are other anisette liqours that I enjoy such as ouzo, arak, or sambucca.

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