Army #10

According to, the Department of the Army is the 10th Best Place to Work within the Federal Government.   With a score of 64.8, down .02% since 2005, the Army scores higher then the Air Force (#11 – 63.8), and the Navy (#19 – 61.1).  The Marine Corps, a sub-component of the Navy came in at 63.3, interestingly higher then its parent agency.  The Coast Guard, a sub-component of the Department of Homeland Security, trumps the other four armed forces with the top score of 68.6.

Within the Army and Air Force, the National Guard (74.5, 67.7) is apparently a better place to work then the Reserves (60.7, 62.1).  There are not separate rankings for the USNR, USCMR, or the USCGR.

The US Army Force Command (FORSCOM), to which my unit, the 82nd ABN DIV is a part, scored a 68.

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