Interesting Facts regarding the Order of Succession to the British Throne

Did you know that…

  • Number 61 in succession for the British throne is the King of Norway? So if by some freak accident those 60 people die, does Norway inherit Great Britain and the Commonwealth?
  • The Romanians come in at 83, with royal princesses of the current King of Romania.  THAT would be something.
  • The Yugoslavians at 92, skips the Austrian Hapsburgs and goes to the Russians at 109.
  • The Germans pick it up at 111 and hold up to 184, where is skips the French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • The King of Sweden catches the prize at 185, and the Swedes hold it until passing it to their neighbor when
  • The Queen of Denmark assumes the throne at #214, holds the line until 226, when
  • The Queen of Greece grabs the chance at 227, when suprisingly
  • The Brits get back on the boat at 236.
  • Back to the Germans at 246 and on to the Greeks again, skipping the Spaniards again. Greeks, Germans, both again.
  • Skips the Italians again at 420.  Back to the Brits at 421. Germans. Brits.
  • Very interestingly the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip assumes the throne in his own right at #476.
  • Germans. Skips the French, the Spanish again, the Luxembourgers,  and plenty others.
  • The Queen of the Netherlands grabs the ball at 803, skips the Belgians, Austrians (again), Liechtensteiners, French.
  • Danes get it back at 951. Back to the Dutch and Germans. Dutch hold if for awhile more. Skips the Luxembourgers, again. Skips the Spanish and French – keeps on going into obscurity.
  • Still reading? Must be bored.
  • Most of those skipped are skipped because the are Catholics or married to one.
  • Crazily enough, yours truly is # 694,016.  So if by chance y’all want to abdicate, I’ll take the job.

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