So I was watching Salaam/Namaste, when I had one of those Netflix problems. You know what I am talking about…about 15mins, just as it is getting good; or about halfway, when you are really in to it; or just when its about to end and all is coming together…it freezes. It advances frame by frame. Makes that noise of doom, and stops. You try to advance it a chapter, hoping that it will unfreeze, but no…it is done…not going to happen.

So you make the choice – forget it or send in for a replacement. Usually I just forget it, but it makes me so upset, that I have not seen the end of a bunch of movies. Really frustrating.

So how does Salaam/Namaste end?


Started off shaky but grew on me quickly.  Very nice; sensative, real and poignant, though some might see it as a Canadian ‘after-school special’ or Lifetime ‘Movie of the Week’.


from the Times(London)Online

Dennis Lim, [of] the Los Angeles Times, describes Grindhouse as “a full-blooded attempt to summon up a bygone age of cinematic sleaze. The filmmakers are not just celebrating an idealized notion of movie trash; they mean to simulate the experience of spending a night in a decrepit, sticky-floored movie palace. “

Well, heck yeah.  I think that is a compliment.  Those twins were kinda hot, too.

À Ma Soeur!

An autre fillm français, aujourd’hui.  Vrai montrer fort de scènes combien pour obtenir l’homme jouent les jeux psychologiques avec des filles ce qu’ils veulent, la plupart du temps sexe. Éléments intéressants dans l’esprit d’une jeune fille experencing sa <<première fois>>. Puis ne pas ruiner le fin, mais moi était comme, ce qui ? !

Choses Secrètes

Un drame psychosexual intéressant fait de la mode très française.  Un film de deux “upwardly mobile” jeunes femmes, à Paris, et leurs contes de l’amour et de l’ennui. Le drame d’être jeune et réglé par vos émotions et perspectives positives.  Quelque part le long de la manière il a pris un virage à gauche, mais encore, c’est Jean-Claude Brisseau, ainsi vous vous attendiez à le.  En tant qu’un auteur de la Village Voice une fois dit “[his films] are [quite] operatic and quasi-mystical, rococo and cuckoo”.  Cet même auteur décrit ce film ‘[as] a sapphic duo’s quest to ballbreak and plunder every man they meet encompasses murder, incest, insanity, public wanking, the Angel of Death, and a demonic Nietzschean superman given to messianic proclamations”.  Ouais ! Tout le yumminess français!

Ma citation préférée, “je suis la mort de tous et la naissance de tous. Mot et mémoire, courage et pitié, et le silence des choses secrètes”.


The Virgin Suicides

collective memories of the times we hadn’t experienced; we felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy, and how you ended up knowing which colours went together. We knew that girls were really women in disguise and that they understood love and even death; and our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them .We knew that they knew everything about us and that we couldnt [even] fathom them at all  – VS

Two Great MD Scenes from Devdas

*Madhuri Dixit