Nathanael Archer





From Nathanael Archer’s Flickr. I really like his calligraphy.


My way back…, originally uploaded by temp13rec..


Erin D.

Lotus, Kerala – India

from Erin’s Travelblog.


Very nice, I like.  How much?

Eva Solo/ teamaker                    Tebrygger              Teezubereiter

Eva Solo, an award-winning Danish design firm, was launched in 1997.  Eva solo combines youth with experience.  From

Robert Mapplethorpe

Joe Ethridge

Gustavo Cisneros

AML: The Artist in Four


Patricia Araya

JUST_FEEL, photography and design by paranoia_grafica.


A.M. LaVey

AML1, originally uploaded by Massagewallah.

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pink & grey. originally uploaded by underbunny from

Zohar Lindenbaum

Caliente VIII from

Stephanie Padillia


Self Portrait

from JPG Mag

Natalia Fabia

The artist.