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Today’s Hottie is Lala from Tiki Bar TV.


Lala (Ctr) with (L-R) Johnny Johnny and Dr Tiki from Tiki Bar TV

These guys are hilarious, help to promote modern  cocktail culture and remind us that drinking can be fun! Check them out on their podcast on Itunes or their site,


Very nice, I like.  How much?

Eva Solo/ teamaker                    Tebrygger              Teezubereiter

Eva Solo, an award-winning Danish design firm, was launched in 1997.  Eva solo combines youth with experience.  From


One of my favourite apéritifs is Campari and tonic, with a lime.  The Ft Bragg liquor store finally sells it.  Until now I havent been able to find it any shops nearby, though it is about 3.50$ more here then in LA. I miss LA. Yum.  For those who are uninitiated into the culto di Campari, Campari is an Italian bitter made of a secret mixture of herbs, spices, and fruit.


 *photo from wikipedia, edited by me.

The liquor store here also sells one of my other favourite apéritifs, Pernod, a type of pastis.  Pastis, a reformulation of absinthe, is an anisette-flavoured liquor from France.  There are other brands besides Pernod, such a Ricard and 51.  Pastis is generally enjoyed as an apéritif, with a side of water and/or ice.  There are other anisette liqours that I enjoy such as ouzo, arak, or sambucca.

Cupping: Black: India: Darjeeling:Risheehat SFTGFOP1


Risheehat SFTGFOP1: SP Darjeeling
From Uptonproduct image

Tasting Notes

Done with a glass sench pot 3.5m (1st infusion) and ceramic gaiwan 3m (2nd).

  • Opening the bag:  sweet fermenting hay scent
  • Dry observation:  not so uniform in size, but certainly in colour.  most small to medium leaves, with a few big ones.  Nice medium brown colour, w/ some (not a lot) golden tips interspursed.
    Observation in pot: medium carmel
  • Scent in cup: not unlike the bag, but less intense, weak.
  • Wet leaf observation: more greenish-brown, more towards the greener side, too many stems.
  • Flavour, taken neat: [sp]: oversteeped at 3.5m [gw]:better, less piney-tannicity, slightly nutty a bit vegital. weak.
  • Flavour, taken with 1 soymilk and 1 raw sugar (*):
  • Aftertaste: [sp]: not so nice, [gw] not as bad, sort of like kombu.
  • First Impression: I bought how much of this?
  • (*)Second Impression

*Maps © Tea & Coffee Trade Journal *Tea pic from

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