Cupping: Black: India: Darjeeling:Risheehat SFTGFOP1


Risheehat SFTGFOP1: SP Darjeeling
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Tasting Notes

Done with a glass sench pot 3.5m (1st infusion) and ceramic gaiwan 3m (2nd).

  • Opening the bag:  sweet fermenting hay scent
  • Dry observation:  not so uniform in size, but certainly in colour.  most small to medium leaves, with a few big ones.  Nice medium brown colour, w/ some (not a lot) golden tips interspursed.
    Observation in pot: medium carmel
  • Scent in cup: not unlike the bag, but less intense, weak.
  • Wet leaf observation: more greenish-brown, more towards the greener side, too many stems.
  • Flavour, taken neat: [sp]: oversteeped at 3.5m [gw]:better, less piney-tannicity, slightly nutty a bit vegital. weak.
  • Flavour, taken with 1 soymilk and 1 raw sugar (*):
  • Aftertaste: [sp]: not so nice, [gw] not as bad, sort of like kombu.
  • First Impression: I bought how much of this?
  • (*)Second Impression

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