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Food for Life Global

Food for Life Global Goals:

  • To help co-ordinate and expand the distribution of pure vegan/vegetarian meals all over the world.
  • To produce promotional and training materials for the development of Food for Life projects worldwide.
  • To represent Food for Life to the government, media and public through public lectures, newspaper articles, the Internet, and through mail.
  • To promote the Vedic food culture and the art of hospitality based on spiritual equality
  • To raise funds on behalf of Food for Life projects worldwide
  • To coordinate and sponsor emergency relief efforts conducted by Food for Life volunteers

Background on the Food for Life Project:

The distribution of sanctified vegetarian meals has been and will continue to be an essential part of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality from which Food for Life was born.

Since its inception in the early 70’s, Food for Life has tried to liberally distribute pure vegetarian meals (prasadam) throughout the world with the aim of creating peace and prosperity. The Food for Life Global office, directed by Paul Turner, facilitates the expansion, co-ordination and promotion of prasadam distribution throughout the world.


FOOD FOR LIFE is a nonprofit organization, bringing food and life to the needy of the world through the liberal distribution of pure vegetarian meals. The project started in 1974 when an elderly Indian swami, Srila Prabhupada, implored his yoga students not to allow anyone within a ten mile radius of his ashram to go hungry. The program grew quickly, and today Food for Life is active in over 60 countries worldwide.

Over 700,000 meals daily!

With volunteers serving more than 700,000 free vegetarian meals daily from free food restaurants, mobile kitchens, to schools and to disaster areas, FOOD FOR LIFE is the largest vegetarian/vegan food relief in the world.

Community Based

Food for Life Global’s volunteers are made up of vegans, vegetarians, and the socially conscious public. Food for Life Global is a non-sectarian organization. Everyone is welcome to participate in our community projects.

Summary of Food for Life Global Achievements:

  • Produced Food for Life Friends Newsletter (Since 1991)
  • Provided grants of more than $400,000 to FFL projects worldwide since 1995
  • Published Food for Life Training manual (260 page instructional manual)
  • Designed and developed Food for Life Web site
  • Produced Prasadam Sevaya music CD
  • Produced Training/promotional supplements to FFL manual, guidelines, videos, music CD, flyers, prospectus, posters, etc.)
  • Conducted over 100 training seminars in 29 countries and regions of the world
  • Innaugurated Feed the World Week
  • Represented at world vegetarian conferences
  • Authored articles for vegetarian magazines and newspapers
  • Director, Paul Turner was elected a Council Member of IVU (International Vegetarian Union in 1999)
  • Coordinated numerous disaster relief projects, including the tsunami of 2004, Gujarat earthquake, and Katrina hurricane, etc.


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