Military Nurse Insignia

 USCG NP Badge: PA-NPCGBadge.jpg

Navy NC Badges:  Surface:  and Flight Nurse :

 Army ANC Branch Insignia:

USAF: Flight Nurse: Basic: Flight Nurse badge - big  Senior: Flight Nurse badge Senior Level - small Command: Flight Nurse badge Command Level - big

           Corps Badge:  Basic Nurse Corps badge - big Senior: Nurse Corps badge Senior Level - big Command: Nurse Corps badge Command Level - small

Military Midwifery

Did you know that the Army, Air Force, and Navy all employ nurse-midwives in uniform?  Big bonu$e$ !  n.b. the Coast Guard’s health care needs are served by the commisioned nurse officers of the USPHS. (1)

The Department of Defense has utilized certified nurse midwives (CNMs) for the delivery of primary women’s health care for over 20 years. Although their numbers remain relatively small, their impact on quality, cost, choice, and access to care is substantial. CNMs are not merely physician extenders, but primary health providers who emphasize holistic and wellness-oriented care. This philosophy, based on both nursing and midwifery models of care, distinguishes as well as makes the CNMs’ practice complementary to that of their medical contemporaries. –

Another AF link regarding job description.

Ft Bragg OB and Midwifery.

 Link to “Saluting Midwifes in Uniform” from

Fun little site;

(1) However, to serve in the USCG as a NP (

What if I’m a nurse practitioner?
The Coast Guard is seeking qualified health professionals. If you are a nurse practitioner and would like more information about active duty positions for health care professionals, please contact:

Captain Mike Adess
Commandant (CG-1123)
USCG Headquarters, CGHQ-5314
2100 2nd Street, SW
Washington, DC 20593-0001

Voice: (202) 475-5186