Indian Prenatal Nutrition Tips

Here are a few home remedies for prenatal nutrition passed on from mother to new mother in India.

Milk spiked w/ saffron, ground almonds, and jaggery; provides iron and calcium for the mother’s growing body.

**Did you know that feeding a pregnant woman is akin to feeding God? Our Hindu custom dictates that anyone who satisfies a pregnant woman’s cravings would not only make her happy, but get some “karmic credit” as well. **

It is good to keep a nice diet while pregnant to preven gas from forming in the mom’s body and giving the breastfeeding infant colic.

Agathi keerai is rich w/ vitamins and minerals, rice w/ plenty of ghee to give her energy, garlic rasam (south indian yummy tomato soup) to increase her breast milk, and betel leaves to chew as a digestif.

Fenugreek tea also increases breast milk (as well as making yr hair lustrous).

Dance Naked

An interesting book by a professional exotic dancer,written for the civilian woman interesting in freeing the stripper-within and helping to develop a positive body image. Healthy choices are encouraged via cogent examinations of topics like overeating, aging, exercise, and especially emotional eating; personal stories illuminate these discussions.

Readers will appreciate the author’s respectful tone, as when she advises women to judge themselves realistically and not against a supermodel ideal. Comparing oneself with cultural ideals challenges self-worth, even leading to “body hatred.”

Not a how-to guide for those wishing to be professional dancers, but rather a lay guide, though the LOC subject heading does read Striptease – Vocational Guidance. [also interesting the LAPL (using dumb dewey) has the stripper section in 793.15…tbc]

Very interesting for what it is. Not as backstage as Strip City by Lily Burana.

Currently reading: Dance Naked : A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Hottie